I wanted a web site , and Choose a freelancer based on his Feedback from other customers, he was very nice until the time I made my first payment, he did not work fro 20 Days then produced something I could have done myself, I was so committed that I paid to get things moving my mistake. He then Blackmailed me into giving a good reference WHICH is obviously what happened with al the others. GURU was not help whatsoever, and even admitted that suppliers can block bad feedback

GURU is fully aware that its Freelancers Blackmail you into good Reviews by Holding off on work, THE Reviews are not REAL in most Cases as I have checked, NONE of the reviews from the companies the Freelancer had on his site were TRUE

GURU WANT you money that is all and Don't Care, DO NOT USE

Do not bother complaining to them as they are evasive and just not interested

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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