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I lost nearly $1,000, after a projected estimated at 4 weeks, took SIX MONTHS, and still wasn't nearly complete. I disputed with who had my money in escrow, and they still awarded the money to the developer even though the site wasn't functional. I provided 10 examples of where the developer failed and it still wasn't enough for them. Avoid, and if you do use them, never pay anything in advance, and don't put any money in escrow.

I disputed a second project with my credit card and Amex saved me from losing another $500 on that. is useless.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Lubbock, Texas, United States #826348

I agree. Horrible place to find decent freelancers!


I have serviced this market for over 9 years, and I have called it quits with all the predominant freelance services, because clearly they are here to serve all but the USA work that populates their services. Because of the *** they stand behind.

None should be surprised, when each of these freelance services have heads that are from India.

Many of you complain about the designers that you have chosen, but stop right now. As each of you! Especially the native born Americans are complaining for nothing. You come on these *** services and want the highest of design for pennies.

You then make a CONSCIOUS choice to screw your fellow american designers by going with these thieves overseas that have nothing legally binding them. All to save a few bucks. And now you complain.

Mark my words, in the near future the entire spirit of entrepreneurship will collapse, because the only way you will be able to get anything done digitally will have to be sought after via an agency that will charge you 80-100 per hour. So suck it up when that comes about!

So thank you, you cheap Axx fellow american's, for contributing to the fail of a good idea of commerce.

All to save a few bucks.

And as for the service providers. Obviously, also it is their actions that are also encouraging people like your spineless selves to go with. Because they are within their own hands diminishing the value of a designer. Those *** designers overseas that have no design ability, charge just pennies less than us Americans over here that have to spend 40-100 thousand dollars to be educated.

All in all, this is a clear example of how the human spirit itself has became dark. No loyalty, no ethic, and for sure no direction. I can't wait till I can read articles of you same sell outs complaining of how hard it is to find a quality designer. And I will happily take triple of what I was willing to while servicing those *** services such as guru and elance.

For I will never service these arenas ever again.

Cheers! You traitors!

Zionsville, Indiana, United States #615622

This is a FRAUD scam site.I used this twice and they take several months to complete the small job which could be done in a couple of days.Application was in pieces and non functional,yet they awarded money to their people in india so called Freelancers.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #612099

I was scammed on and came over to Guru and found the company who had had their account shut down on Elance, fully active on Guru have refused to take any action as the scamming happened on another site.

So by using their logic, a man can murder someone in France, then come to Canada and live happily ever after without any consequences. The world doesnt work like that. I emailed them, contacted them on Facebook, and Twitter.

I even messaged the CEO Inder Guglani on Facebook. The emails have stopped, they blocked me on twitter and facebook instead of realising their mistake.


Same here, did the mistake based on fantastic credentials of the freelancer and paid 1100$ in advance. On due date, have not gotten even a first draft.

It is obvious that the credentials are bogus.Huge discrepancy between credentials and performance/communication skills. Clearly indicating that the system promotes such fraud.

To my claims - have not even considered looking into it.

Cutting a coupon they are clearly a culprit. Dont use the service!!!


I was scammed by as well, as soon as i disputed the charges they closed my is a scam stay away!!


I to have lost $800.00 on I hired a freelancer to create 3d characters and video. I got 2d characters and half a video.

The Project was suppose to be completed in 3 weeks well its been well over that. i attempted to dispute through guru which charges you for this process and they totally took the side of the freelancer.

Keep in mind if the freelancer doesn't get paid, guru doesn't get paid. Please keep that in mind do not pay upfront, and do not us their escrow system.


i also got rippe off by guru out of 525$


*** and their straff


I am on guru both as a coder and as an employee. In my experience, there are a lot of excellent professionals and employers. Then again there are programmers who don't do any work (or take on so much they can't possibly fulfill their promises), don't have a clue, or are just unethical.

There are also those employers who want the sun, moon, and stars, but only want to pay for a big Mac.

As the saying goes, caveat emptor.


Guru sides with the provider because they are the ones who make money for Guru.

So the poor slob who didn't know what they were doing for 4 weeks @$1000 actually had to pay a fee to Guru of between 5 and 9% on top of a yearly membership of $150 and made even less than 6.25/hr.

I'm not saying that makes your situation any better, but when you go cheap...this is REALLY cheap.


If you go cheap you get cheap. 4 weeks for $1000.

$6.25 and hour.

Minumum wage in the US is $7.25. Maybe you should look for you coders a the local fast food joint.


Me too! I disputed with my AMEX as well.

I'm disputing for providing bogus vendors. The Vendor feedback is also misleading.

You can only provide feedback if you pay the vendor. I refuse to pay the rest because of the vendor did not complete project.

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