Had been working with Guru.com for over a year until this week. Had placed a small project for a super small reward of $200. Generally, these small projects are a breeze and take no time. Well this is a different story. Took the Indian developer 4 weeks over schedule. Trying filing a dispute but Guru.com is the only freelance site that hides dispute features and you must contact them. Finally, the developer tried to extort me for the $200 by telling me to release the funds before the delivering using Gurus "SAFE ESCROW" what a joke.

I contacted Guru.com and after 1 week they came back and sided with the developer and told me to release the funds. I released and guess what? Not the correct files. I tried to dispute, but again Guru.com would not allow it and again sided with the freelancer.

I called them out on this unethical behavior and without warning deleted my account.. Seriously, I wrote them a 2 sentence email response stating they allow freelancers to defraud users and then they allow freelancers to DELETE FEEDBACK and POOF deleted account without warning or even a reply.

Honestly, this has to be the worst ran company we've dealt with. I would STAY AWAY from Guru.com. They are a POS company ran by 6 people in a tiny office. They are not a real company.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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